E. Pritchard (rubyslippers01) wrote in autobiography,
E. Pritchard

Gum `n` Thigh Highs

In line at lunch, I’m buying
gum & thigh high hoes
& fish nets for my evening fun.

The man behind me smiles.
I smile.
I’ve got
the freshest breath in this place &
the silkiest thighs any fingers could trace.

According to the box,
I’ll feel “elegant, bold, playful and sexy”
in the sheer, soft-black, lace-top hosiery
Hand wash only
Drip dry.

My gum is long lasting,
It will not promote tooth decay.

If I am not completely satisfied,
all I have to do is return product
to the address listed below
for a full refund.

In the car park with my bag
the wind flows over me like 90% nylon
with a scent of polyester.

& as I return my credit card to its niche
inside my wallet
I think to myself:

You can’t put a price on
being young,
being alive,
being minty-fresh;
with every avenue open to you
all eyes appreciative as you make your way
through this multi-plex,
new-and-improved land
on sure & stylish
black-clad legs.
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