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Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Subject:Git Off'a Mah Land!
Posted by:ed_rex.
Time:11:23 pm.

The First Naked Bike Ride

There isn't a cause out there (or so it seems) that doesn't have a dedicated, international 'Day' assigned to it. Typically, it is brought to my attention too late for me to say much about it, even if I do have something to say, and this years was no different.

That's right, 2011's 2011's Canadian version of the annual World Naked Bike Ride has come and gone, without either my notice or my participation.

If Wikipedia, as of July 2nd, 2011, is to be believed, the first Naked Bike Ride was held in Spain in 2001, in Spain. (I did not participate in that one, either.)

However, I have cycled naked, though I did so neither as a simple exhibitionist nor as one disguised as a protester making some arcane point.

As it happens, the last time I arranged my valuables just so on a bike's saddle, I did so fully prepared to do battle over an entirely different (though, arguably, just as questionable) point.

Click here to read about my childhood adventures as Naked Superhero — remarkably, they are Safe For Work!

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Subject:Light in the Library
Posted by:preraphprincess.
Time:6:38 pm.

This is my first post to a community, so I'd appreciate any constructive feedback.. thanks!

When I was ten, in the last year of Primary School, I was made a Librarian, along with a boy called Jason. He was tall and slim with blond hair, and had wide blue eyes that turned down at the inner corners. This, combined with a cheeky grin, made him look like a pixie plotting some mischief.

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Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Subject:Flashback to 1981: Young Geoffrey remembers it for you - wrongly
Posted by:ed_rex.
Time:12:39 am.

'Everything you know is wrong'

My Own Private (game of) Telephone'

A (very) young Young Geoffrey, fall 1980.
Vern, almost as young (winter or spring 1982).

Well, we might have known, but we also forgot.

The story as I've been telling it to others for years — for decades! — now, and as (I think) we have been telling to each other when nostalgia has struck over drinks, went roughly as follows.

Vern and I had been practicing for maybe two weeks — he on guitar, with me as lead vocalist and (piss-poor) tambourine man — when we decided we were ready to take "Dow and Pineau" out to the streets and start our climb to stardom.

We were 16 years old and determined to begin our careers as buskers at the very top: right in front of the main entrance to the Eaton Centre at Yonge and Dundas.

And so, laughing with adolescent faith in our inevitable stardom, we set out in search of fame and fortune.

Only, Vern started to get cold feet and, even as we approached our destination, he stopped and said he wasn't going to do it, he wasn't going to play.

I tried cajoling, then yelling, but only when I kicked a rock (and hurt my foot), did I get through to him the importance of finishing what we had set out to do.

And so it was we boldly set up facing the Eaton Centre.

Vern laid his guitar case upon the sidewalk and took out his Norman, wrapped the strap across his chest and began to tune up. I nervously banged the tambourine against my thigh, hoping against hope I would not forget the words to "Helpless", or "Run for Your Life" or, especially, to our cover-tune par excellence, "Eleanor Rigby".

At length, Vern began to play and I to sing. And before long a couple of funky chicks (who later told us they were from New York City) stopped to watch us and then began to dance. Between the glorious music and the dancers' enthusiasm, we gathered a crowd that might have approached 50 people and the money poured into the open case.

Read the rest at Edifice Rex Online.

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Subject:The World of (Winnie the) Pooh, revisited
Posted by:ed_rex.
Time:10:38 am.

The best art looks upon the face of change without blinking; the best art acknowledges death.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Subject:Of All the Girls I've Loved Before - Maggie Majeure
Posted by:ed_rex.
Time:11:19 pm.
The following is not fiction, but memoir, as true as I can make it while at the same time attempting to make of Truth something approaching a narrative. I have changed names and have probably conflated one or two incidents into another. It's too soon to be sure, but as of this typing, I think I have done so successfully.

Nevertheless, it's long, so I've placed it beneath an lj-cut. Feel free to pass it by if you're not interested in reading a report that includes swearing and some semi-graphic sexual activity.

The quoted lyrics are, of course, from Simon and Garfunkle's beautiful song, "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her", a piece of music that "Maggie Majeure" was instrumental in how I hear it now.

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Cross-posted from my journal and to love_sucks.
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Subject:in the sand of dreams forever
Posted by:mickeylimon.
Time:7:18 am.


and so look at me now finally
i’ve gone so far and so fast so steadily
i’m almost sure i have forgotten you
but never did i forget the way i felt with you
as we melt together in the arms of sweet surrender
as we rushed together in the sand of dreams forever

time moved me so still
that i can't even tell what is real
i can't even tell how much i loved you
until i couldn't feel if i still do

time stood still so frequently
that i didn’t even noticed how wretched i have been
i didn't even feel how love was supposed to be
cause i was waiting for you so endlessly
cause i was standing here for you so wearily
and i was longing for you to come back to me
but you never did, you never did still
but i was waiting still, i was waiting still forever
to melt with you again in the arms of sweet surrender
to rush with you again in the sand of dreams forever


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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Subject:the coming of age (february 20, 2007)
Posted by:mickeylimon.
Time:12:50 pm.


the will to be forcible
for you to see me against tides
of unwanted imagery
against unexplained comedy
of you here lying motionless
touching the skin at my back

the risks already undertaken
from the moment you smelled my hair
till your arms playfully linger on my bare hip
then in unison
looking thru the frosty window
listening to the rain pouring madly at the roof
whispering carelessly to remember
long forgotten memories taken in innocence together

the bliss left under the sheets
with you holding me closely
against your bare chest
overpowering me with your able shoulders
trapped endlessly
wanting blissfully
to be here forever
without turning back
to our lives lived in secrecy


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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Posted by:arromanches.
Time:7:12 am.
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Monday, December 4th, 2006

Posted by:tashacantsleep.
Time:5:37 am.
So this is my first post in this or any community...I'm new to LJ. I loved the idea of this community, I hope to learn a lot here :-)

So many times I cried,
"God help me."
But I never truly
Said a prayer.

My life filled to the brim,
With no sleep.
I ended heart broken,
A lost whim.

Just the things I asked for,
Much too much.
Only the world I made,
All fallen.

I did call out each day,
"God help me."
But not even nightly,
Did I pray.
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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Posted by:minako_darkmoon.
Time:10:53 pm.
When girls are in long distance relationships, and it's finally time for a visit; the preperation process could be an Olympic event.
It takes all day. From packing, grooming and all the tiny details in between.
We never tell them how much effort goes into making those first few moments of reunion, that first night back together, close to perfection. We never tell them how hard it is to be so fantastic for them, because it would ruin the illusion that we so carefully cultivate.
I've been in several long distance relationships now, and I have the magic of those first few moments down to an art.

And we do this, because when there isn't the constant reassurance of our prescence, we want to remind them why it's worth it, even though they KNOW it's worth it, or they wouldn't do it.
But inspite of the fact, that they're looking forward to seeing us, as much as we're looking forward to seeing them...

We want to appear as these beautiful, seamless creatures who are effortlessly everything they want us to be.

But this art and preperation is often pointless and unnoticed.
Because we're already effortlessly everything they want.
But we still do it.
We still spend hours attaining something that already exists.

Collectively, I've been in one long distance relationship or another for 5 years.
And even though I know all my preperation is for naught, I still go through these rituals in anticipation.

Girls are strange and mystifying creatures.
And I say this, being one.
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Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Posted by:rubyslippers01.
Time:10:24 am.
I must admit that,
until then
I had found her indifferent
yet somewhat mysterious
But somehow
We ended at a work function together
Me, and my co-worker.

During the night,
She looked at me
And said, “Let’s get plastered.”
And I began to grin stupidly.
Things were about to get interesting,
And of course I never turn down a drink.

So she took me to a Karaoke Bar
And it suddenly hit me
This woman was extremely attractive.
She threw off her jacket revealing
A tight, black slinky top
She let down her hair:
Long, thick, waving,
shining, brown hair
That cascaded down her shoulders
almost engulfing her
Contrasting beautifully with the darkness of her top.

She was stunning
Her eyes were soft and blue,
fringed with long, silky lashes.
Her eyes danced with mischief.

And then she began to drink.
And drink
And drink
And then she began to sing
And dance,
grinding to the music as it overtook her.

She began to gyrate like Madonna on methamphetamines
And every man in the bar turned
To stare at her
Jaws dropped open.
She smiled
And I smiled,
knowing that she was with me.

My co-worker is breath-takingly stunning,
Sensual & pure.
Looking at her knocked the wind clean out of me,
turning my stomach in knots of anticipation.

I thought to myself
How had I not seen it?
Had I been so blind?
Or had she simply been a master of disguise?
I saw that she was dangerous,
complicated & intelligant,
beautifully open to the world.

And she made me remember Mexico
When I was seven years old;
And how I found
A large,
perfect conch shell
In the surf.
I picked it up
I wanted to own it
But then suddenly
A long, glistening tentacle
Snaked out of the shell
In alarm, flailing in the air.
I dropped it with a gasp
Shocked and grateful
Moved to tears
Because I had discovered that
The teeming world is rich with secret life
None of which can be owned or known,
or even categorized
Because nothing is ever what it seems

It is better.
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Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Posted by:venomlilyart.
Time:11:27 pm.
Hi everyone,

I just joined this community hoping to find some new people to help me out with my autobiography.

This journal is public and open for anyone to add me so please feel free to do so.

Looking foward to reading about all of you on here.

-Venom lily
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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Subject:Gum `n` Thigh Highs
Posted by:rubyslippers01.
Time:12:58 pm.
In line at lunch, I’m buying
gum & thigh high hoes
& fish nets for my evening fun.

The man behind me smiles.
I smile.
I’ve got
the freshest breath in this place &
the silkiest thighs any fingers could trace.

According to the box,
I’ll feel “elegant, bold, playful and sexy”
in the sheer, soft-black, lace-top hosiery
Hand wash only
Drip dry.

My gum is long lasting,
It will not promote tooth decay.

If I am not completely satisfied,
all I have to do is return product
to the address listed below
for a full refund.

In the car park with my bag
the wind flows over me like 90% nylon
with a scent of polyester.

& as I return my credit card to its niche
inside my wallet
I think to myself:

You can’t put a price on
being young,
being alive,
being minty-fresh;
with every avenue open to you
all eyes appreciative as you make your way
through this multi-plex,
new-and-improved land
on sure & stylish
black-clad legs.
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Monday, July 17th, 2006

Posted by:reservationst.
Time:3:31 pm.

I'm starting to document the true stories of myself and others throughout the summer. Check it out. It will be updated frequently until I catch up to the current date. Feel free to add to friends and keep up on the action. reservationst

Follow the residents of Reservation Street and their friends as they pursue higher degrees, random hook-ups, significant others, free booze, and good times.
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Subject:philosophical poll
Posted by:rubyslippers01.
Time:1:29 pm.
Hi there, I'm loving this `space`...

I've just posted a philosophical poll on my live journal http://rubyslippers01.livejournal.com/ & would love it if you wouldn't mind taking a second out of your day to lend your thoughts & contribute to what should be a interesting response.

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Saturday, July 8th, 2006

Subject:Puzzle Glue
Posted by:rubyslippers01.
Time:7:43 pm.
Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts
sometimes buy a product called puzzle glue
& when they have completed
a particularly challenging endeavour
they use it to secure all the pieces together
& then they frame the thing
& hang it on the wall
& I am seduced
just as they are
by the illusion
of having something to show for your life
a product
not just a process
an object of beauty
rescued from the fragments
an enigma to struggle over
until slowly a picture can emerge
but only for an instant
and I rush to the store
looking for life glue
knowing that with every step
the pieces jostle
away from one another
away from me
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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Subject:here is A poem insired by A freind of someone I used to date
Posted by:rickfromearth.
Time:5:53 pm.
you said many times
that you only want your friend
to be with A sweat person

now she's dating me
and you Hate it
you said I was righteous several times

before your friend
got connected to my personality
I gues you lie
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Subject:This little piggy
Posted by:eggplantcurse.
Time:2:27 am.
Hello, here is a story from my childhood. The story involves an animal death so I thought I would just provide a link instead of posting it directly in the community.

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Thanks for your time!
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Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Posted by:eggplantcurse.
Time:7:20 am.
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Subject:Parental Ignorance Passed On
Posted by:parentponderer.
Time:1:17 pm.
I was one of the children raised by a drunk and a drop-out and felt the collision of their worlds.

I was the child watching her mom travel in and out of many drunken relationships.

I was the teen taken advantage of and have memories that never die.

I was the teen without any bounderies that didn't have family talks about the future.

We were the young, falling in love, or was it obsession?, without a clue to where it was going.

We were young parents that lacked communication, and social skills, that put us on a long, sometimes very hard road to adulthood.

We are the parents that tried to show our children that their voice was important, and had it used against us at times.

We are the parents that tried to stay strong while supporting our young adult's overwhelmingly hard decision that was made out of a frightened frame of mind? anxiety? selfishness? lack of confidence? unaccepted reality? Ours, hers, his, all?

We are the parents that are told "It's the least you could do, as parents" and wonder if that pressure was something that all parents feel.

We are the parents that have done our best, which includes the times when we fought, gave in, gave up, forgiven, forgot.

I am the woman that knows I cannot change what has been done but am reminded every day that I should have done things differently.
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